A better treatment for oil spills

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Oil spill

An environmentally safe and economical alternative to the use of chemicals for cleaning up oil spills has been released.

SPILL KIT 35S from Bionetix International, is a new bioremediation product for hydrocarbons spills such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil and BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylene and Xylene). Such oil spills often result in immediate, long-term and expensive environmental damage that can last for decades after the spill occurs.

The environmentally safe SPILL KIT 35S includes two applications for spills up to 10 square metres. It is designed to bring two of the best hydrocarbon degrading technologies into one to enhance the three steps of bioremediation.

Each kit includes two of Bionetix’s best selling products: Biosurf, a plant derived biosurfactant solution rich in nutrients that promotes bacterial activation and solubilises the hydrocarbons, and BCP 35S, a powder blend of beneficial and naturally occurring microorganisms (Bacillus and Pseudomonas) specialised to degrade hydrocarbon molecules.

Bioaugmentation with SPILL KIT 35S will deep clean soil that has received an accidental spill by enhancing the natural degradation process both by the action of specialised microorganisms and by increasing the solubility of the waste.

More information: Bionetix International

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