Adviser Intelligence and Avocado Consulting form technology partnership

by FM Media
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Cloud-based financial planning software provider Adviser Intelligence has completed a private funding and partnership deal that it says secures the future of its intelligent advice technology.

The deal was signed with privately-owned investment technology firm, Avocado Consulting.

Representing a multi-million-dollar capital funding and partnership arrangement the deal will allow the fast track expansion of the core Adviser Intelligence integrated advice and CRM technology.

“We are delighted to have found in Avocado a partner with the right ‘can do’ cultural fit and which shares our vision of being a pre-eminent source of transformative financial advice technology,” says Adviser Intelligence founder and chief executive officer Jacqui Henderson.

Avocado has delivered development and technology innovation to the banking, finance, telecommunications and government industries, valued at over $560 million.

Henderson says the partnership with Avocado provides an opportunity to transform the way financial planning advice is delivered, to better serve financial advisers, and ultimately to materially benefit the end client.

“By unlocking the transformative power of smart personal financial advice, I believe we can make a real social impact, along the way enhancing the advice industry and the financial education of clients,” Henderson says.

Gerardo Barranquero, Avocado founder and CEO, says the partnership is an opportunity to participate in the rapid evolution of digital financial advice.

“One of the standout features of the Adviser Intelligence leadership team is the uniquely high-calibre of financial technology leaders, who also happen to be female. In an industry dominated by men, it’s refreshing to see pioneering women leading in the financial technology space,” he says.

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