AFRDI: Latest official GBCA product certifier

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The Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute Limited (AFRDI) has been recognised under the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA’s) Assessment Framework for Product Certification Schemes.The GBCA relies on third-party certification bodies such as AFRDI for testing and environmental assessments of products and materials used in buildings registered for its Green Star programs. As such, the GBCA is in the process of endorsing several certification bodies that are suitably qualified to test and rate a range of products.
The AFRDI Sustainability Standard (AFRDI Standard 150) for commercial furniture is the third certification scheme to be recognised under the Framework. The Carpet Institute of Australia’s Environmental Certification Scheme, as well as Ecospecifier’s GreenTag GreenRate, have already achieved recognition.
“We congratulate AFRDI on this certification, which provides further options for manufacturers wanting their products to achieve points under the Green Star Materials Category,” says the GBCA’s chief executive Romilly Madew.
“The GBCA has opened the market through our new Assessment Framework, and this new certification is positive reconfirmation that all schemes can be recognised equally, provided they meet the Framework’s stringent criteria.”
Chief executive officer of AFRDI, Bob Panitzki, says, “We are extremely pleased that AFRDI 150 has been recognised by the GBCA. This is the culmination of a significant body of work undertaken by AFRDI over a number of years and we now look forward to having our clients achieve the benefits of AFRDI Green Tick Certification.”
The Assessment Framework for Product Certification Schemes was developed as part of the GBCA’s ongoing review of the Green Star environmental rating system for buildings.

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