Assessing timber in buildings

by FM Media
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The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released its new Assessment Framework for Forest Management Certification Schemes, as part of its ongoing review of the Green Star environmental rating tools for buildings.
According to the GBCA’s Green Star executive director, Robin Mellon, the new assessment framework will create a level playing field for certification schemes, simplify compliance requirements in the Green Star ‘Timber’ credit and encourage the use of Australian timber over illegal imported timber.
“When we commenced the review of the Green Star Mat-8 ‘Timber’ credit in 2007, the aims were to recognise the value of certified timber products and to promote the important role that the Australian timber industry plays in the green building supply chain.”
Mellon says the new Framework was developed in consultation with an independent Timber Expert Reference Panel and addresses stakeholder concerns over the exclusive recognition of only one timber certification scheme.
“These revisions to Green Star will encourage the specification of reused and post-consumer recycled timber, as well as virgin timber certified by forest management certification schemes that meet the requirements of the new Framework,” he explains.
Forest certification schemes seeking recognition in the Green Star Timber credit will be assessed according to how many of the Framework’s fifteen best practice criteria it partially or fully meets.

An independent third party will assess documentation and make recommendations to the GBCA, in the same way that the GBCA employs independent assessors to review Green


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