Australia’s most sustainable public building

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Library at the Dock

Library at The Dock is a revolutionary addition to Melbourne’s skyline, setting new environmental benchmarks for future developments and acting as a centrepoint for the Docklands neighbourhood.

It is Australia’s first six-star Green Star-rated public building.

The three-storey building is also the first public building in the country to be made from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), which is 30 percent lighter than traditional structures, preserving the history of the 75-year-old wharf and significantly reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Library at The Dock features a traditional library collection, an interactive learning environment, an impressive digital collection, multipurpose community spaces and a performance venue that holds 120 people.

The building’s design promotes natural ventilation, daylight and fresh indoor air quality, resulting in reduced energy consumption and a healthier, more productive indoor environment.

Further sustainable benefits of Library at The Dock include:

  • CLT is carbon neutral and offers better thermal performance, requires less energy to heat and cool and generates zero waste
  • timber decking and cladding utilises local, dismantled wharf timbers
  • reduction of fresh water consumption with water collected from the roof and discharged to a 55,000-litre tank in the nearby Victoria Green park for reuse within the building, and
  • 85-kilowatt solar panels on the roof supply approximately 30 percent of the building’s total operational power.

“The City of Melbourne has set ambitious climate and environmental requirements for its operations,” says Councillor Arron Wood, chair of the council’s Environment portfolio. “The library will set the standard for future public buildings within the municipality, helping us to evolve into a truly sustainable city. Docklands already has the highest concentration of green star-rated buildings in the southern hemisphere.”

More information: Library at the Dock

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