Breathing wall removes air pollutants, lifts energy efficiency at Lendlease headquarters

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Lendlease’s new global headquarters at Barangaroo South in Sydney is taking shape, with a six-metre high, breathing green wall now installed at the entrance to the office facility.

The breathing wall, incorporating some 5000 plants, is an active, modular green wall system, scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, it cools the surrounding air temperature, resulting in energy efficiency and reduced air conditioning costs.

Lendlease head of workplace programs Cate Harris says the company knows that the environment has a big impact on our wellbeing.

“Our two-storey high breathing green wall actively filters and cleanses the air of pollutants, giving our clients and staff, a lungful of delightfully fresh oxygen to kick start their experience at our new office,” Harris says.

Lendlease partnered with Junglefy, an Australian living infrastructure company, to deliver what they say is the country’s first breathing wall.

A two-year study, carried out by the plants and environmental quality research group at the University of Technology Sydney, indicates that the Junglefy breathing wall removes over 24 litres of carbon dioxide per hour, the highest recorded carbon dioxide removal rate recorded in scientific literature. The study also shows that the breathing wall could reduce heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, minimising the building’s carbon footprint and saving on electricity costs.

Junglefy owner and founder Jock Gammon says the breathing wall concept is the next step in green wall sustainability.

“The breathing wall delivered at Lendlease’s new headquarters, is much more than a green wall. Our breathing wall actively pulls air through the module and over the leaves and growing medium,” Gammon says.

“This active ventilation offers all the benefits of a traditional green wall or pot plants – reducing carbon dioxide levels, filtering out air pollutants, and cooling and humidifying indoor air- but at a much greater level of efficiency.”

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