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In recent years, respected workplace AV integrator Corporate Initiatives (Ci) has become one of Australia’s pre-eminent suppliers of direct view LED display screens. Ci specializes in mission critical permanent LED displays such those found at shopping centres, educational institutions, stadiums like the MCG or Etihad, or on premium advertising billboards.

The number of LED displays deployed in Australia is predicted to increase dramatically in the years ahead and part of this expectation is that due to affordability LED display will soon start to make serious inroads into areas like office building lobbies and foyers, corporate reception areas and boardrooms. For unlike other technologies, it can readily match the visual scale necessary for such spaces, operate well in natural light, and match pixel density to viewing distance.

Displays for building exteriors are also expected to feature prominently in the uptake of the technology, whether for generating income through advertising, for identity purposes, or for the display of digital art. LED will change Australia’s streetscapes.

Ci’s long history as a highly-respected boardroom AV integrator meant it was well placed to become an expert on direct view LED. The level of technological understanding Ci brings to the category is well beyond the average signage or AV company and Ci’s clients regularly reap the benefits of such knowledge. In the case of the giant screen built for Emporium, Ci was able to almost halve the cost the client was previously going to pay. Likewise, for the MCG and Etihad perimeter LED, Ci was not only able to save the client millions but deliver better quality customized screens coupled with a Ci created control and content system appreciably better than that of any other stadium in the world.

If LED display is something likely to impact on your world in the future, eg. building exteriors, office lobbies, retail environments, airports, hospitals, boardrooms, entertainment venues, etcetera, please contact Ci for further information and get some timely buyer advice. Those who have come before you such as leading shopping centres, universities and stadiums, would validate your doing so is a good idea.

Ci is national but your local office can contacted by calling 1300 242 742

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