Start-up aims to make local power services more reliable

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Richard McIndoe, former CEO of energy giant Energy Australia has launched a start-up that looks set to shake-up the energy industry and help customers save money. In a bid to help businesses lower their electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions, McIndoe’s new venture – Edge Electrons – has partnered with Flex, the leading sketch-to-scale solutions company that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world.

Flex will help Edge Electrons deliver a power quality device that makes local electricity services more reliable while reducing overall energy consumption. The brainchild of McIndoe and successful electronics entrepreneur Neal Stewart, Edge Electrons is an energy technology startup that has developed two key proprietary energy efficiency technologies.

The eSAVER, a voltage regulation device, is designed for households and business customers. The eCORRECTOR, a power factor correction device, is a solution for small and large businesses.

Both compact, low cost devices provide customers with the ability to lower their electricity bills beyond 15 percent per annum through improved energy efficiency. Richard McIndoe, executive chairman at Edge Electrons, said, “In addition to opening many doors in a number of key markets, this partnership with Flex will also provide us with large scale global production and supply chain advantages, helping to significantly sharpen the price of our energy efficiency devices.”

“Some of the world’s most pressing issues are related to our energy dependence,” said Nathan Vince, president of the power group at Flex. “We are proud to be partnering with Edge Electrons to deliver solutions that help reduce energy consumption through improved efficiency.”

Edge Electrons is currently in discussion with a number of national energy retailers, as the eSAVER and eCORRECTOR devices help power companies improve customer loyalty through improved savings and lower carbon emissions. Edge Electrons is also engaged with a number of key strategic partners including new homebuilders, smart meter manufacturers, energy efficient lighting providers, and solar panel and energy storage manufacturers.

For more information, visit Richard McIndoe was formerly CEO of Energy Australia from 2006 to 2014, Energy Australia is one of the top three energy companies in Australia.

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