Everyday toilet paper issues eradicated

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A new toilet paper system by Tork – the Tork T6 Toilet Paper System – ensures that cubicles are never empty of toilet paper. The Tork T6 Toilet Paper System also solves a number of other common toilet paper issues – it’s a no waste, no mess, no run-out system, according to Tork, which forms part of SCA Hygiene’s portfolio.

Tork T6 provides a continuous supply of toilet paper and automatically switches rolls when one is finished. The system ensures that every roll is completely consumed so there’s no waste and empty cores remain in the dispenser so there’s no mess on the floor. The compact dispenser holds the equivalent of four and a half standard rolls, thus extending time between refills.
Theft and blocked toilets are also reduced as rolls are neatly locked away in tamper-proof dispensers. Research shows that toilet blockages are often caused by toilet rolls and packaging.
Tork T6 toilet paper refills are produced using deco-lamination ply-bonding technology for good performance and strength – providing less tissue breakage and mess on the floor. Refills include the extra-soft three-ply Tork Premium and two-ply Tork Advanced toilet paper and both feature the EU Ecolabel. The compact system is best suited to low to medium traffic washrooms.
“Recent customer research shows us that 86 percent of respondents felt that no toilet paper in the washroom was a real issue. There is nothing worse than constant toilet paper run-outs. The establishment looks inefficient, the experience can be acutely embarrassing and the washroom rapidly becomes unhygienic,” notes Tiffiny Lewin, director of sales and marketing of B2B at SCA Hygiene Australasia.
Lewin notes that the company believes that the Tork T6 Toilet Paper System is the biggest innovation in toilet paper for 20 years.

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