GECA launches new paints and coatings standard

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Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) has launched a new paints and coatings standard.

A new paints and coatings standard, GECA 23-2012 Paints and Coatings v2.1, has been launched by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). The new standard builds upon the foundations of the previous GECA 23-2005 Architectural and Protective Coatings with lower VOC limits, the exclusion of solvent-based products, a new criterion that addresses biocides and an expanded scope that now covers artist and student paints.
The environmental and health benefits of this standard will mean:

  • a healthier workplace for painting and coating professionals.
  • a healthier environment for DIY painters
  • a safer workplace for those involved in the manufacture of paints and coatings
  • better waste management during production
  • less downtime between painting and occupying work and living spaces
  • better product labelling for end-users, and
  • no Glycol ethers, carcinogens, mutagens, BPA, heavy metals, ozone-depleting substances or known harmful biocides.

A copy of the new standard and a comparison of changes made in the new standard are available here.

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