Intelligent waste management solutions – a European example

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A Portuguese municipality Cascais has taken a significant leap forward in Smart City waste management by deploying SmartBin technology to their underground bins as part of its Smart City initiatives, reducing collection costs and improving waste collection processes. In partnership with Sotkon Waste Systems, from March 2015, the region will monitor their public Sotkon underground recycling bins with SmartBin’s remote fill-level sensors, joining a growing list of private and public waste collectors using smart waste management services in Europe.

For Cascais, efficiencies in waste management are nothing new, particularly following the establishment of Cascais Ambiente in 2005. The municipality, that serves over 200,000 inhabitants, have positioned themselves as one of the most forward thinking Smart City advocates, with a history of innovative projects and awards.

SmartBin is a provider of intelligent remote monitoring solutions in the waste management and recycling sectors and commenced operations in Australia in July 2014. The Dublin-based solutions provider leverages wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors and a cutting edge logistics platform called SmartBin Live to revolutionise how companies collect and service their regions.

Now with a Smart City solution like SmartBin in place, Cascais will significantly reduce both collection costs and the number of trucks on their streets while simultaneously improving the region’s collection operation. Cascais Environmental Councillor, Nuno Piteira Lopes, explained the intentions behind the initiative. “Cascais Ambient was established to put our citizens first. In 10 years we have worked to make the Cascais environment as clean, inviting and enjoyable as possible. With SmartBin in place, we will reduce our spending while providing a world class waste collection service.” says Councillor Lopes. “From now on, we will always know the fill-level of our bins, enabling us to collect on SmartBin Live’s efficient routes. This keeps our fuel and labour costs down while ensuring our bins are never overfilled! SmartBin was the best solution to meet our high expectations,” he continued.

Cascais are one of several new SmartBin clients in 2015, joining a group of European municipalities that understand the value of smart monitoring. SmartBin CEO Brendan Walsh said. “Cascais understands the quality of our complete solution and will benefit hugely from its efficiency driving capabilities. We wish them all the best and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together,” Mr Brendan continued.

Cascais Municipality is on track to save $1.2 million in 2015 while overachieving on their carbon emissions target. The investment in the technology will have paid for itself within six months.

It will be interesting to see if similar intelligent waste management solutions will take off in Australia.

Editor’s note: Similar solutions have been implemented in Australia; you can read about them here, and here.

SmartBin is a global telematics solutions provider that provides Intelligent Monitoring solutions for many types of remote waste & recycling container assets. With over 100 clients spanning local authorities, liquid waste, used cooking oil, secure document shredding, clothing, and general recycling, SmartBin’s solutions are deployed in more than 30 countries. Visit for more information.

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