ISS launches app for leave and roster management

by FM Media
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ISS has launched a custom-built app which gives all field-based employees mobile access to their payroll, rosters and annual leave data, as well as company information.

ISS has a large employee base, with approximately 11,000 staff members across Australia, and most of the team is based on customer sites rather than in an office. This presents some unique challenges for engaging with employees and ensuring the company and employees have up-to-date information and access to the latest pay information and rosters. For example, a chef at a mine site or a cleaner at a hospital do not use a computer as part of their daily role and therefore cannot easily be reached via e-mail or company intranet.

MyISS allows team members to apply for leave electronically and access previous payslips. Managers are able to approve leave electronically too, improving efficiency and reducing paper waste. Employees will also be notified of company news, keeping them in touch with colleagues across the country and the world.

The app was custom-built in partnership with Mumba Cloud. Scott Erwin, Director of People & Culture, says, “With the launch of the MyISS App, we are becoming an employer of choice for cleaners and support service staff, giving them direct, electronic access to their payroll and roster information empowers them and improves our efficiency. Integration with Kronos, our rostering tool, and other ISS technology, has been a complex task, but we feel it is a game changer for how our employees interact with us.”

MyISS has now been rolled out at sites including regional airports in Tasmania and a multitude of cleaning contracts across Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Over 1000 ISS team members logged in within four weeks of going live. With the cleaning division of ISS first to receive the app, phased roll outs to the entire aviation and transport, energy and resources and health divisions are now planned.

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