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This year’s Lightfair, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, has just concluded in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly there was a blizzard of product announcements.

Most Innovative Product of the Year award went to Acuity Brands for its Peerless Open LED luminaires. The lights use constructive occlusion to reflect and diffuse LED light across an inner arch and back down to produce soft, comfortable illumination from a lens-free linear form. Available in recessed and suspended forms, they can also be specified with an integrated sensor and controls module for daylight dimming, occupancy detection, lumen management and system networking.

3M debuted Sheer, a linear pendant, which, by means of clear acrylic and specially engineered films, remains completely translucent, even when lit.

A keynote speech of the event was The Wellness Revolution: The Next Driver of the Lighting Industry, while Lighting Science, a leader in lighting with the spectrums adjusted for human circadian rhythms, featured products to improve alertness and sleep.

Appropriately for an event with an eye on the future, the Design Excellence Award was won by Moon (pictured above), a slim and striking LED-lit bollard from Hess America, which is somewhat reminiscent of the alien block in Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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