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How to manage the maintenance and cleaning challenges that all types of facilities face every day, such as soft floor cleaning, is shared by various hands-on supervisors in The Manual.

Racine Industries has documented how a Florida, US, school district’s plant manager’s executive committee (PMEC) developed a radical, high performance program that turned commercial soft floor maintenance and cleaning wisdom on its head and saw savings gained. The result is The Manual, an in-depth report of PMEC’s six-year study. According to Racine Industries, PMEC’s soft flooring system will work well in maintaining any type of commercial facility.
The company notes that the PMEC realised that what they were doing to maintain their soft flooring was in fact causing the poor appearance and costly extra work. They discovered that to keep the soft flooring looking new, they could ‘deep clean’ the traffic areas several times a week rather than simply ‘vacuuming’ them – and at far less cost than what they had been doing, Racine Industries states.
The Manual features hands-on supervisors sharing how they manage the maintenance and cleaning challenges that all types of facilities face every day. There are so many hands-on tips and nuances in The Manual that you won’t want to put it down,” Racine Industries writes in its executive summary of The Manual.
These tips include:

  • how to manage keeping new soft flooring clean cost-effectively from day one
  • how to restore and save old, filthy dirty soft flooring, and how to keep it in service without complaints from those who must use it every day
  • how to manage disasters such as floods from HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) and other sources quickly and effectively
  • how to keep heavily used areas spotless with minimal or no use of chemicals
  • how to implement a new maintenance strategy that will get buy-in from the wide variety of operating personnel in any organisation
  • how to test and specify products and equipment in a way that insures the budget dollars will always be there from budget decision-makers, and
  • how to satisfy the desire to ‘clean green’, conserve resources and keep environmentally burdensome materials out of the landfill and wastewater out of the treatment facilities.

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