Melbourne to host international concrete symposium in July

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Corrosion affects all concrete buildings and structures around the world and they deteriorate at varying rates over time, depending on the material used, the types of corrosive agents in the environment and the physical processes and mechanisms involved. Globally, the estimated annual cost of concrete corrosion to industry is billions of dollars.

It is important that owners of high-value assets understand the cost implications of ignoring the effects of corrosion on concrete buildings and structures. Organisations require effectively trained staff who have an understanding of the numerous types of corrosion that affect their industry and of the preventative and remediation technology available. Two of the main advantages of planning for corrosion control are that the life of an asset is extended and maintenance time and costs are reduced.

The Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) works with industry and academia to research all aspects of corrosion in order to provide an extensive knowledge base that supports best practice in corrosion management, thereby ensuring all impacts of corrosion are responsibly managed, the environment is protected, public safety enhanced and economies improved.

As part of its charter, the ACA presents a continual program of technical seminars and training courses each year. In July, the ACA will be presenting the Brian Cherry International Concrete Symposium at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne. The two-day event on 26 and 27 July will highlight and pay tribute to the work of a tireless and well respected researcher and educator in the field of concrete corrosion.

If Percival Faraday Thompson is considered ‘the Grandfather’ of corrosion science and engineering in Australia, then Professor Brian Cherry of Monash University can be considered ‘the Father’. Cherry has made significant contributions to the areas of reinforcement corrosion in concrete, condition assessment, modelling and deterioration prediction, concrete repair and protection, cathodic protection, and concrete durability.

Cherry has not just been at the forefront of academic developments, educating many of the leading corrosion science and engineering practitioners, but he has been a regular contributor to the wider profession through presentations at conferences, seminars and symposia around the world.

The symposium will feature 11 prominent international and Australian speakers from countries including New Zealand, the USA, Spain and the UK. 

These international speakers are the best in the world on reinforced concrete corrosion, protection, repair and durability, and will publish high quality technical papers to form a hard-copy take away book for delegates.
 At the end of each day there will be a panel discussion and open forum where delegates will be able to take part in spirited debates on the topics of the day and other corrosion related subjects. There will also be small number of trade exhibitors at the event displaying some of the latest tools in the field of corrosion management. Networking drinks will be held at the end of each day, with a further highlight being the Symposium Dinner on the Wednesday evening.

ACA technical events have earned a reputation for providing a valuable learning experience together with great networking opportunities with other like-minded companies to discuss technical issues with the prospect of positive solutions. The Brian Cherry International Concrete Symposium is one not to be missed.

Places are still available for the symposium and bookings can be made via the ACA website at The full program will be made available through the web site.

The ACA is a not-for-profit, membership association that provides training, seminars, conferences, publications and other activities to disseminate information about corrosion and its prevention or control.

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