New automated logistics solution for eCommerce order fulfilment

by FM Media
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Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution centre, has launched new automated technology and software solutions for eCommerce order fulfilment and retail store replenishment in Australia and New Zealand.The new systems include batch pick-to-sorter for apparel eCommerce fulfilment and automated storage with goods-to-person (GTP) workstations for apparel omni-channel distribution.

The batch pick-to-sorter is a large volume piece picking solution that is well suited for a wide variety of order profiles and automated storage with GTP workstations is an efficient solution for high density storage of apparel items that feed order picking workstations.

It has also launched a high performance apparel store replenishment solution – light-directed put-to-store-for operations with a large number of SKUs and low to high order volume. “Dematic ensures that every new solution includes Dematic iQ performance optimising software that constantly runs in the background to help management evaluate operations and resource allocation,” said Pas Tomasiello, Director Integrated Systems, Dematic. “This allows management to make adjustments and prioritise workflows in order to increase productivity, reduce labour needs and ultimately helps a business’ bottom line.

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