NSW EPA gets tough on western Sydney waste operators

by Ben Hocking
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The NSW Environment Protection Authority fined four waste operators in western Sydney a total of $60,000 for failing to meet community standards.

Two of those companies were fined for failing to comply with EPA clean-up orders.

Olathree was fined $15,000 for failing to remove glass stockpiles from its Kemps Creek property by the EPA deadline after it was found to be unlawfully receiving the material.

SBP Waste Management was also fined $15,000 for failing to remove more than 200 tonnes of waste including pieces of metal, broken concrete, tiles, bricks, plastic and other wastes illegally stored at a Badgerys Creek property.

A further two facilities were each fined $15,000  for operating a waste facility without an Environment Protection Licence.

H. Hassarati & Co and Aussie Skips failed to reduce the amount of general waste processed at their sites to below the 6000 tonnes per year limit allowed without a licence.

EPA Executive Director Waste and Resource Recovery Steve Beaman said the waste facilities had put the environment and human health at risk.

“If waste is not managed properly there can be off-site impacts to the community. These fines are a reminder to all waste facilities to be good neighbours,” Beaman said.

“If companies don’t have appropriate environmental controls in place or are operating illegally, the EPA will take action.”

“The EPA carries out regular inspections to enforce licence conditions and regulations. Anyone with information about poor practices in the waste industry or environmental impacts from operations in their area should call the EPA’s Environment Line on 131 555 and we will investigate.”

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