Paperless Solar Checklist app from Pervidi

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Pervidi’s Paperless Solar Checklist app, in conjunction with web portals, allows its users to customise their required checklists to match their specific needs – including safety checks of fall protection equipment; electrical and commission tests; instructions, technical documents and relevant codes and Australian standards (e.g. AS 3000, AS 5033).

The benefits of using Paperless Solar app:

  • Picture-taking and integrating the image with work order data without additional ‘manual’ procedures. Technicians are able to snap images, ‘doodle’ on their pictures as required and assign the picture to the appropriate line item on their work order/inspections/installation with minimal number of ‘clicks’,
  • Produce reports with photos embedded,
  • Use the speech-to-text feature of the paperless solar app to enter comments,
  • List all information required by a technician to perform their tasks, including task list, activities, instructions and references to relevant codes, and
  • Simplify data collection by standardising functions and drop-down lists.


Lead image courtesy of Pervidi Paperless Inspections.

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