Software set to transform global risk and audit management

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The Impellam Group, a leading provider of managed services and specialist staffing expertise, is to overhaul its global risk and audit management operations by working with software firm Ideagen.

The company, which is the second largest staffing business in the UK and sixth largest managed services provider worldwide, is implementing ‘Ideagen Pentana’ to modernise processes around risk and audit within its global legal and IT departments.

Pentana will enable Impellam management to electronically manage corporate and brand specific risk logs to assess performance and improvement opportunities, while the organisation’s IT department will manage risks directly linked to business infrastructure.

From an audit perspective, Pentana will act as a central repository for all processes linked to their ISO 9001 and 27001 requirements.

Paul Lucas, head of IT governance who is leading on the Pentana project, says, “We are delighted to be implementing the Pentana software from Ideagen and I am excited by the prospects this project will bring to the Group.

“From a risk management perspective, every brand and every key function will be monitored within the system, with relevant emerging risks being easily elevated to corporate level when appropriate. This will all be done electronically, where previously it was very much a manual process. Pentana will then allow us to create detailed risk reports not only improving oversight of risks to the business for our internal audit committee, but increasing visibility at a corporate level also.”

Lucas continues, “In terms of auditing, Pentana will bring a whole host of benefits linked to our ISO requirements which will help us continually monitor and improve on business performance and information security. It will provide us with a broader footprint of controls and complete the auditing circle – with corrective actions raised from audits being fed through the system.”

Impellam Group consists of 20 market-leading staffing brands including Blue Arrow, Guidant Group and Medacs Global Group. Currently, the organisation has over 3,400 staff across 182 locations worldwide.

Lucas says, “One of the main goals of this project is to standardise processes and increase awareness of any risks that our business and brands face around the world.

“Pentana will cut out layers of inefficiency and help us to achieve those goals more quickly.”

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