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Rapid and dramatic developments are remaking how we work and the technology we utilise continues to evolve at an immediate pace. The typical work environments we know today are becoming unrecognisable from offices of the past and will be transformed as a new model for smarter and more efficient workplace emerges.

Total Facilities is proud to present the following exhibitors at this year’s expo as part of Workplace of the Future, where you’ll discover smart new ways to enhance your workplace environment. Look out for these exhibitors at the event.

Airius Oceania (stand A23)
Airius Air Pear®, solely imported by Airius Oceania, is designed to move large volumes of air over long distance, in a narrow focused column, using very low amounts of energy. It is unmatched in its ability to circulate air for cooling and destratifying spaces in winter, with no exposed blades due to its unique stator and venturi throat design. The Air Pear achieves energy savings through all seasons and the units are applicable to all types of buildings from 2.5-39 metres high – supermarkets, offices sports halls, indoor pools, warehouses, theatres, churches, schools, cold storage, museums, aged care.

Billi (D34)

Billi has been developing technology for over 25 years, making them market leaders in innovation of their product range. Healthy workplaces are futuristic workplaces and a workplace with no filtered water on tap is considered by most to be out of date. Waiting for a kettle to boil is also not only a thing of the past, but is considered by corporate management as an origin for time-wasting private conversation. Billi products provide a significant and essential contribution to workplaces of the future – they are instant, efficient, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, safe and networkable.

TFX160013-Workplace-Future-Logo_Teal_v1Connexxion (H6)
Connexxion Technology prides itself in promoting and selling Unit4 Business World (UBW), which leverages and adopts the power of the digital era, delivered by the new Unit4 platform. Including mobile and social capabilities paired with predictive analytics and machine-learning, resulting in advanced insights that proactively alert people to areas that require attention. UBW’s interactive dashboard shows you at once which urgent maintenances tasks are outstanding, and whether jobs are planned, underway, or completed. It’s an instant overview saving you time and money.

DMF (B19)

DMF are the licensed partners for German manufacturer, Efaflex Gmbh, providing state-of-the-art safe high speed doors that reduce maintenance costs and increase the efficiency of every company. These fast action gliding doors can operate at speeds of 2m/sec and more and can be used in applications such as commercial workspaces, warehousing and distribution or any application that requires high frequency of traffic movements, while protecting the opening. High opening speeds minimise the waiting time in front of the doors and thus accelerate the logistic processes.

Eco Green Office Plants (H24)
Eco Green Office Plants brings nature into workplaces with living plants for a range of businesses including offices, hotels and restaurants. Indoor plants have incredible aesthetic value and can transform work environments into fresh, modern and appealing spaces for clients and employees. More importantly, Eco Green Office Plants can offer benefits we cannot see with the ability to filter out harmful toxins, improving air quality. International research has shown that the presence of indoor plants reduce illness related and other absences in the workplace therefore increasing productivity, performance and job satisfaction by 10 percent.

Elsafe (F13)
Elsafe has specialised in the provision of power and data solutions for workplaces of the future for the last 25 years and is excited to present two products from their range: Cable Snake, the ultimate in sit to stand umbilical solutions and the new Elsafe TUF5A, the perfect addition to your fast paced and demanding life. The TFUF5A allows you to charge your devices faster, with far less power wastage through heat generation, while the Cube Cable Snakes have superior movement and flexibility that hasn’t been seen before in the Australian market.

Sine (F42)
Sine is developing best-practice visitor registration and management software to help better manage attendance of all personnel within workplaces. With a leading-edge app that is user friendly, scalable and manageable, you can check in visitors, contractors and staff via web, tablet and mobile. Offer a lasting first impression by greeting your visitors with a sign-in process that is intuitive, compliant with entry requirements and sends Host notifications via email, SMS or in-app messaging when guests arrive. Bring your workplace into the future with Sine, ditch the book and bring your visitor book into the digital age.

SolarPV (F11)
Power Park is more than a comfortable place to park your car; SolarPV are laying the foundation for the future of car parks. Power Park holds solar panels in a custom canopy to catch the sun light and convert it into electricity to be used by nearby buildings and electric vehicle charge points. The Power Park system is incredibly flexible, allowing a great amount of customisation for any site – be it small, large or unusual. Built by Australians for Australian conditions we are confident that Power Park will be part of every workplace of the future.

Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from Wednesday April 6 to Thursday April 7, Total Facilities will feature a powerful combination of innovation and education designed to reduce cost and improve performance of the nation’s facilities and workplaces, as well as connecting more than 160 suppliers with 2000 clients and end-users. The Seminar Theatre will host an impressive line-up of industry speakers discussing forefront trends, disruptive technologies and practical solutions that will help participants in their day to day to run more efficient facilities and healthy workplaces.

To register to attend this free event, for a rundown on the full seminar program or for details on how to become an exhibitor, please visit 

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