Two new best practice guidelines for retrofitting

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AIRAH has received funding from the AusIndustry Green Building Fund to produce two manuals considered absolutely critical for the efficient operation of existing building stock.

The two manuals will be the Australian Best Practice Guideline for Controls (DA28) and the Australian Best Practice Guideline for Commissioning and Retro-commissioning (DA27). Both manuals deal with existing commercial office buildings.
The Green Building Fund aims to reduce the impact of Australia’s built environment on greenhouse gas emissions, by reducing the energy consumed in the operation of existing commercial office buildings.
The efficient operation of existing (or ‘pre-loved’ buildings, as the Institute refers to them) is also an area of prime consideration for AIRAH, which will match the Green Building Fund contribution dollar for dollar.
“It is widely recognised that one of the major areas of improvements to be made in the commercial built environment contributing to a reduction of energy, water and greenhouse emissions is through commissioning and retro-commissioning initiatives, and through good-practice design, installation, calibration, programming and operation of controls systems,” says AIRAH’s CEO Phil Wilkinson.
“By producing new guidelines for controls and commissioning and retro-commissioning, the Institute will be addressing subject matter for which there is a pressing need.
“Currently there are no Australian manuals, standards and guidelines that will assist in developing training to help advise on these two very important issues.”

Subject matter garnered from expert working groups (made up of suitably qualified AIRAH members) will contribute to the content of the two manuals, which will be completed by May 2011.
Barry Wormald will chair the commissioning and retro-commissioning subject matter expert working group. Wormald is a director of Queensland-based ADG Consultants.
The controls subject matter expert working group will be chaired by Jon Clarke. Clarke is a senior BMS controls and integration engineer from NDY’s Sydney office.
Wilkinson says the working groups will ultimately produce manuals that are of direct and considerable benefit to the wider industry.
“Our aim is to produce guides that will be accessible and applicable,” Wilkinson says, “not just for our industry but to the wide range of stakeholders who are responsible and accountable for a building’s efficiency.”
Vince Aherne will act as project manager for both subject matter expert working groups. Aherne encourages engagement by the wider industry and can be reached via email at

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