WA government launches $10m program to recycle construction waste

by FM Media
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The Western Australian government is offering up to $10 million in funding for local councils to use recycled construction and demolition waste in their civil engineering projects.

The program, launched in early March, is trying to reduce the amount of waste from the sector going to landfill and to incentivise councils to repurpose it for building roads, car parks and drains.

The program has two streams; the first $8 million stream provides a pre-allocated, non-competitive financial incentive payment for each metropolitan local council which uses recycled construction and demolition products in its own operations.

The second $2 million stream is for open, competitive funding to purchase and use recycled construction and demolition products by the private sector, metropolitan local councils and state government entities.

“Achieving the target for diverting waste from landfill is a shared responsibility and requires action from state and local governments, industry and the wider community,” Environment minister Albert Jacob says.

“Western Australia’s use of recycled construction and demolition materials is significantly lower than in other states and we need to change this. Each year we generate three million tonnes of construction and demolition and WA sends two million tonnes to landfill.  This is a valuable resource that we could be using in everyday construction projects.”

Application details are available at http://www.wasteauthority.wa.gov.au

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