Waste service providers’ opportunity for growth

by FM Media
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According to Frost & Sullivan, there is a growing opportunity for outsourced services in Australia’s municipal waste sector.

Cost is by far the most mentioned challenge in delivering municipal solid waste services in Australia. It is also the single most important criterion for councils when selecting a waste management service provider. The carbon pricing mechanism (CPM) and other operational cost increases present councils in the country with a significant challenge. In responding to this challenge, councils have made waste minimisation their highest priority.
According to Frost & Sullivan industry director, Ivan Fernandez, “There is a growing opportunity for outsourced services; more from recycling than from disposal activities. Demand for larger and more complex waste recycling facilities is likely to drive consolidation and increased opportunity for large providers. These providers will also benefit from the trend toward aggregating procurement among councils.”
“The waste-to-energy sector is expected to see significant growth over the long term as councils proactively seek ways to monetise waste,” he states. “Given the significant untapped potential in Australia, companies with proven technologies and clear demonstration of viability will hold a significant competitive edge. Specific opportunities in the short term will revolve around retrofitting existing facilities with waste-to-energy technologies.”
Frost & Sullivan recently completed a voice-of-the-consumer study analysing feedback from 42 councils across all states and territories in Australia, resulting in a document entitled Australian Municipal Waste Management – Voice of the Customer Study.

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