Watersave Australia finalist for awards

by FM Media
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Sydney-based sustainable solutions provider Watersave Australia has been nominated as a finalist in two categories of the 2009 Banksia Environmental Foundation National Awards, Australia’s most prestigious environmental awards.
Established in 1989, the Banksia Environmental Foundation Awards acknowledge excellence, dedication and leadership in various areas that contribute to the environment and a sustainable future.
The awards are presented for innovative and leading products, services, designs and new business models that achieve new efficiencies and/or reductions in energy, materials, resources and waste from a lifecycle perspective. Watersave Australia has been nominated as a finalist for both the Eco-Innovation and Environmental Services categories for their Smart Meter Solution.
Watersave Australia currently works with commercial and government organisations around the nation to monitor and minimise their water usage. The Watersave solution includes the Watersave Smart Meter, which has been developed by Watersave to monitor water usage online via a secure website in real time. The real-time data acquisition feature of the Watersave Smart Meter is a major advantage on earlier systems which delay data transfer by up to one day because of power supply limitations. The Smart Meter can also send an SMS or email alert in the event of abnormal usage, and allows remote control of water usage via a solenoid valve. This innovative approach to data acquisition enables quick identification and rectification of abnormal usage and leaks, potentially saving thousand of litres of lost water through leaking pipes, taps left running or just a leaky cistern.
The total Watersave Australia sustainability solution features a range of water saving products and services, including the stylish Danish designed Uridan Waterless Urinals, water minimising tapware, low-flush toilets, and rainwater tanks. They also provide a highly specialised leak detection service that enables quick rectification and huge savings in water usage and costs.


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