Western Australia adopts container deposit scheme

by Michelle Dunner
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Western Australian premier Colin Barnett has announced that his state will introduce a container deposit scheme in 2018.

Under the CDS, recyclable cans and bottles will be eligible for a 10 cent refund. Containers included will range in size from 150 ml to three litres, although drink containers such as those used for milk, juice and wine consumed domestically will be excluded.

The move is designed to reduce public litter. The refunds will be processed through recycling depots and reverse vending machines.

WA’s move brings it into line with South Australia’s long-standing CDS and the planned moves by New South Wales and Queensland to introduce similar schemes. NSW is slated to begin its program next year, while Queensland’s CDS is expected to start in mid-2018.

Waste Management Association of Australia chief executive Martin Tolar has hailed the move as another step towards the national harmonisation of the waste and resource recovery industry.

“WMAA applauds any attempt to remove state based jurisdictional differences in the regulation of the waste and resource recovery industry,” Tolar said. “I encourage the Western Australian Government to work with its New South Wales, Queensland and South Australian counterparts to align the state schemes to a single framework.

“This announcement continues the work towards a truly national approach to a Container Deposit Scheme and is a timely reminder to other jurisdictions who are yet to consider a CDS.”

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