Workspaces: New ways to work, new ways to profit

by FM Media
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How we work has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Those in Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and Facilities Management (FM) must understand these changes and adapt to ‘New Ways of Working’.

The workspace has undergone dramatic change during the last decade and ‘New Ways of Working’, new organisational structures and telecommuting will impact the work environment as we know it in the near future. Where impact will be most significant is the demand for new workspaces and it is in this area where facilities management professionals will feel it most. Four mega-trends are the primary drivers behind this change:

  • the rise of knowledge workers
  • the burst of new technology
  • Generation Y entering the job market
  • globalisation

Features of New Ways of Working include creative project-based work, group- and team-based, conducted in multiple locations, including home and local coffee shops, and with communication tools playing a significant role. This means that offices will be built with shared workstations and drop-desks, and as flexible rooms with multiple functions. With workers increasingly mobile, how buildings are designed and planned for the flow of people in transit and utilising space intelligently will be key for workplace health and safety.

One of the key questions in the FM industry today is how will facilities managers seize this opportunity and support the organisations in unleashing the potential that New Ways of Working have to offer. Will FM organisations respond by working more strategically, focusing on added value instead of playing a pure cost-savings game, and how will they leverage technology? No doubt, in the future, FM will be more than just managing the building operationally. The function of FM must grow into information provision, focus on space utilisation and support the core business of the c-suite with a unique and compelling value proposition.

For a a more in-depth analysis, Download the report from ISS titled ‘How New Ways of Working’ affect our use of facilities’.

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